Keeping Up With AWS re:Invent 2018

Ride the wave of new code in the AWS Cloud
AWS Cloud announcements for 2018, by day
AWS Cloud announcements during AWS re:Invent, by day

Monday, 19-Nov-2018

Tuesday, 20-Nov-2018

Wednesday, 21-Nov-2018

Thursday, 22-Nov-2018 — Sunday, 25-Nov-2018

Monday, 26-Nov-2018

Tuesday, 27-Nov-2018

Wednesday, 28-Nov-2018

Thursday, 29-Nov-2018

Building Context

  1. We — the builders — just got a new LEGO catalog to explore
  2. Pick out a new set
  3. Build it
  4. Tear it down and figure out what else you can build with the pieces



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